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Tim Born k12osn at deltacfax.com
Thu Aug 30 23:20:02 UTC 2007

Kari Matthews wrote:

> GRRRR... I use google apps for our school email.  I linked to the 
> google apps page from our website.  I got a call today from the pastor 
> (it's a Catholic school) saying there is porn on my website, and 
> please remove it immediately.  Turns out, someone clicked on google 
> apps and then on video.  There, in the top 10 list, are a bunch of 
> porn sites.  The principal said pretty gruffly, "We cannot have this 
> on our site!"  It was not on *my* site, of course, but no matter -- in 
> his head, that is St. Mary's site, and it needed to be removed.
> Ugh ... I wonder if I emailed google if they would take any action so 
> that places of business (esp schools) could still link to google apps 
> w/o having that link.  I doubt it, but still.
> The problem is not student access in the building, but student / 
> parent access from home.  They do not want there to be any links to 
> such material from my homepage.
> Any thoughts?
> ~kari
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Kari -

If you prefix your outbound URLs with 
e.g. <a 
you can force them to see a reminder when they leave your site.

Ugly, admitedly.  Small minds sometimes need these things.
It's programatic, so you can script the fix across all your pages or use 
Apache mod_rewrite.

If you have a web server that dishes PHP by all means take this source 
and customize to your hearts content.
This was actually kind of fun.

Have a nice holiday folks.


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