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Re: [K12OSN] will this setup work?

I thought that was the case as well Terrell...until I attempted it 3 weeks ago...apparently SQUID must be running and you must have it configured properly on the LTSP side of the network...if those windows machines are on that subnet..

searching out my posts from August you'll find where I documented what needed to be done(not the most detailed...but what I did to get it working)

chkconfig --level 345 transparent-proxying on
chkconfig --level 345 squid on

and then editing the /etc/squid/squid.conf file

is the "condensed" version ;)

then again my LTSP machine is BEHIND a router/firewall...so I do not
have an iptables rules on the LTSP machine.


Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:

Hmm...in K12LTSP, Eric has that set to getI'd check your iptables
settings to see if I have the appropriate MASQ rules in there.  Also,
see if IP forwarding is turned on in the kernel.  For those who aren't
familiar with this:  to do that, do like I did on my box:

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