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Re: [K12OSN] will this setup work?

willhatch fayhoneyknoppschool org wrote:
Howdy all,

I swear that at one point I had my network working with the cable modem connected directly to my k12ltsp server (eth1), then to my 25 port switch; thin clients boot and internet worked, and Windows machines plugged into the switch had internet too. I have this set up with k12ltsp 6.0, and the thin clients boot/have internet, but the Machines cannot find the internet. I went with a pretty basic install of the k12 software. What could be my problem? Do I have to have a router in there somewhere?

On a 2-nic machine, the iptables setup to act as a nat gateway should be in the nat init script included in k12ltsp.

service nat start
chkconfig nat on (to restart automatically at bootup)

If I install a wireless router between the cable modem and the k12 server, will my teachers be able to get wireless to their laptops?

Yes, but on the 'outside' interface, many of the k12ltsp services will be blocked. Freenx/NX should work with the 'use ssl for everything' option.

 Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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