[K12OSN] Technology and Learning cover story: Linux

Ray Garza garza.r.tx at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 22:12:29 UTC 2007

Richard Ingalls wrote:
> And thanks to everyone on this mail list who has helped me through the 
> years to create those LTSP labs in my school district.  I don't know 
> if those labs are even still functioning now that I'm gone... it would 
> be such a bummer if that was dropped.  But the guy they brought in 
> after me wasn't a Linux dude - he shut down my Apache webserver and 
> Sendmail email server and setup a MS environment (probably spent money 
> that I was going to spend on client PCs to build more labs for more 
> students).  Oh well...
I experienced the same thing at the Library I used to work at. I had 
IPCop and two K12LTSP servers along with a SME server and the new guy 
wanted to rip it all out and go with all MS stuff.  But after looking 
for a replacement system to authenticate users  accessing the Internet  
they gave up and kept the system as is. Although, they will probably 
replace the K12LTSP servers and install Vista Home PC's.
> This time I think the Sr. Net Admin (who is actually younger than me) 
> is supportive of the idea and willing to put a virtual server online 
> for me to install all these OSS applications on for the entire 
> organization.  Ironically, it will be an MS server, virtualized to run 
> Linux as the OS... not the other way around!  Funny, eh?  The Sr. Net 
> Admin has experience with Joomla/Mambo/Drupal, so that's a plus!
That's nice t have a boss that is open minded enough to utilize other 
OS's other than MS. Perhaps you can take this little crack and keep 
expanding it as time goes by.


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