[K12OSN] flash update adds needed feature

Kemp, Levi lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us
Tue Dec 4 16:24:00 UTC 2007

A bit off topic for the update about flash, but I had a question about
memory and system performance. My server has 2 dual core 2GHz Zeon
processors, 4gig of ram, 5 32gb 1500rpm SAS drives hardware raid, and
I'm running K12LTSP V6 32bit. Obviously I'm only registering 3.2gig of
ram, but at this current configuration how many clients should I be able
to handle? It seems with about 30 users logged in my RAM is already
close to peak. No one is complaining but I thought I'd be able to expand
this lab out without much effort, but I'm worried that I'd spread it too
thin. As far at network goes I've only got 1gig to lan and 1gig to the
clients, each of them are 100mb. Any suggestions welcome, and if it
helps are biggest uses of the lab are OO.o and firefox w/ flash. It's a
Middle school so they don't use gcompris, etc. too much. Thanks.

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For those who are running large-scale implementations of K12LTSP I'm
sure you have seen the system load spikes caused by flash. One cause for
this is flash has little to no support for multi-threading. So each
little flash item on a web page opens a _NEW_ instance of flash.

What a system hog!

Good news! Adobe has released an updated version that now supports
multi-core and multithreads. This should ease the loading problems of
hard working servers. Maybe BrainPop can now be viewed without bringing
the servers to their knees!

If you have the adobe-yum repo setup, it's ready for a yum update
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