[K12OSN] OT Computer Hardware/Software Inventory

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Dec 19 01:44:26 UTC 2007

Kaboodle is nice ... but doesn't really inventory...
and off-line stuff... sorry mate, that's what student labor and a laptop 
with a spreadsheet app is for =)


Ray Garza wrote:
> Barry Cisna wrote:
>> Levi,
>> We have been using OCSInventory-NG for about two years now. One peice of
>> software that saves LOTS of leg work! As others mentioned here works just
>> as slick on Winders as it does on linux. You can also push out 
>> software to
>> individual Pc's with it as well. Works tons better than doing installs 
>> via
>> MS software installer blah blah stuff via AD.Shows all installed software
>> right down to the bios version on each box. It's ALL accurate too!The
>> latest client version works like a champ on Winders Vista too( If you are
>> saddled with this misfortune as we are:-).
>> Give it a spin, You'll be up and running with it in about an hour once 
>> you
>> get it all downloaded to a linux server.
>> Take Care,
>> Barry Cisna
> I tried out OCS and it works pretty good in obtaining info on each PC 
> but how does one inventory items such as network printers, wireless 
> access points, switches (managed and unmanaged), and other off-line 
> hardware (such as spare PC's, printers, etc) that are in storage?
> Ray
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