[K12OSN] OT Computer Hardware/Software Inventory

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Wed Dec 19 08:58:58 UTC 2007

Kemp, Levi wrote:
> Ok I appreciate everyone's opinion on this, and actually after I did
> more reading I'm thinking OCS is the way to go. I'm unsure when I'll get
> it up and running but I'll report back how it goes. If the client
> install pushed down through the network doesn't cause any issues I may
> just get an inventory going then show the Coordinator. He impresses
> better with results then talk.
If by "issues" you mean surprised users, I might make one suggestion: 
When you setup the agent installer (by login script or whatever means 
you choose) there's an option to enter a "Tag" for each computer. This 
can be something like "2nd floor" or "Science classroom". Then when the 
installer runs on each computer a window pops up asking the user to 
enter their tag. If you run it from login, users will be surprised. On 
the other hand, if you prepare the installer with *no* tag, then the 
window never pops up. And the computers appear in the database with an 
empty tag (which you can edit by hand afterwards).

Micha Silver
Arava Development Co

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