[K12OSN] OT Computer Hardware/Software Inventory

Ray Garza garza.r.tx at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 17:42:53 UTC 2007

Mr Barry Cisna wrote:
> Ray,
> It seems there is no " all in one" solution for inventorying all your
> network hardware. Another piece we use is OPENNMS. It is actually an http
> based piece that tells you when your servers/printers/ip phones/access
> points go offline. But this will actually " inventory" your LAN hardware
> in a different fashion. Of course beyond what your subnet is say
> 172.28.8.x you can add 172.28.12.x, 172.28.14.x and so on for OPENENMS to
> poll hardware outside of the actual OPENNMS server's ip address. One thing
> you have to keep in mind, on access points, switches, ip phones you have
> to enable snmp on these devices for this to work full scale.
> Hope this helps,
Yea, it's what I figured out. But, I figure since it uses MySQL I can 
add the other stuff manually (or my underlings can) and let the s/w 
gather the bulk of the info.



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