[K12OSN] no response from dhcp server (eBox 2300SX)

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Dec 23 00:51:03 UTC 2007


I see you have extra nics in your ltsp server so hence the different nic
assignments, Anyway, you should not need to do any voodoo as far as
compiling anything to make the Ebox 2300 boot on fc5 or fc6. I am typing
this on an Ebox 2300 as a matter of fact. Post back what bios number your
ebox is running . Also the only other option in the ebox bios is the int18
or int19/PXE,and it should boot using either selection.You don't by chance
have a second ebox you could borrow from a friend or something to try on
your lan? I've never had any hiccups with these at all ( on fc5 and fc6)
You will need the sound module which I posted a how to on the k12ltsp
wiki. If you get it booting I'll email you the ftp site here were you can
download the already compiled sound module that works like a champ on
fc5&6.All you'd need to do is drop in the sound modules directory and add
an entry in your lts.conf for this client box.You could compile it
yourself but why waist time( like i did doing it),,:-) Only thing I can
imagine is you may have the latest/greatest bios update on it that has
KO'd it,, at least a little:(.
Post your bios version and we'll compare notes.
Have a good holidays there.

take Care,
Barry Cisna

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