[K12OSN] [Highly OT] Terminal service with win2003 server

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Mon Dec 31 17:32:47 UTC 2007


Many commercial thin clients are setup to do just that...
they have some wanky windows CE or something similar that they boot from 
and can attach to a windows client server...

I personally have never used one as such because I have ZERO windows 
servers at any of my LTSP install sites. And don't want to spend the 
time configuring and hardening one just to test out my thin clients 
ability to do such. But know that it is possible, with commercial clients.


Sudev Barar wrote:
> I am trying to convince some people to move to linux+ltsp setup.
> However they want to try comparative setup under win2003sbs server. Do
> thin client boot from such server? I get IP from dhcp and tftp starts
> win installation using RIS ...... Rdesktop was also demonstrated but
> that needs linux boot (ltsp or puppy linux).
> I want to do PXE boot like it does in ltsp. Any pointers on how to set this up.

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