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[K12OSN] OT: KPhone sound on terminals

Hello List,

Just wondering if anyone by chance has tried getting KPhone to work on
terminals? As I see it KPhone has support for both ALSA and OSS. We've
always been content with ESD to this point. I guess we are going to have
to delve into getting a server or two setup for ALSA support. Anyone tried
hand editing the kphonerc file to dump esd sound module into KPhone?
I can get KPhone connected on a couple of terminals but of course I get
error " be sure your soundcard is not in use by another app".
I'm about afraid to try and compile alsa into the working ESD servers for
fear the ESD sound will " disappear".:-)
 I know there a few how to's on setting up ALSA to K12LTSP,but can you
"switch back and forth" via the System> Multimedia Sound Properties GUI?
Any thoughts?

Take Care,

Barry Cisna
westcentral school

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