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"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Sun Dec 2 02:36:13 UTC 2007

>> BTW, Power Macs make pretty good LTSP thin clients.  K12LTSP supports
>> this out of the box.  So you might not have to throw them away.
> The one Power Mac works ok -- just sounds like a Kerby vacuum when
> running.  But most of the 60 or 70 machines are old iMacs.  They work
> ok (still no sound due to pulseaudio/liboil "illegal instruction"),
> but are slow.
That's interesting...it shouldn't make a doggone bit of difference
whether you're running on a P4 thin client or an iMac thin client. 
Actually, the Power Mac client I was thinking of when I wrote the above
was my orange iMac sitting in my living room!  It's just about as fast
as any other client I have.  One of those other thin clients is a Sun
Ultra 5 (270MHz CPU), and it, too, is a good performer because of its
Fast Ethernet NIC.

The most critical thing you need on the thin client for good general
performance (e. g. OpenOffice.org and Firefox, not fancy 3-D graphics
stuff like Compiz/Beryl) is a 100Mbps Full Duplex network connection. 
The server should of course have at least 1Gbps FDX.  The built-in
video, ATI 3D Rage Pro, will do nicely for that.  Full-screen 320x240
video will drop a few frames, yes...but it does work.  640x480 hi-res
videos, that might be painful....

> The P4 1GB clients I have scream. ;)
> I'ld like to move to low-powered fan-less thin clients when possible.
> It would help keep up its "Green Business" status

If you want to do that, then I would suggest Jim McQuillan's thin
clients at http://www.disklessworkstations.com.

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