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Re: [K12OSN] Firefox and load average

This may have to do with the hang when first loading FF after an update. FF brings in many language-specific extensions that will cause a very long load time, but only the first time it's run by each user.

Since my users only work in English, I just 'rm -rf /usr/lib/firefox-*' after every FF yum update. I'm on K12V6 so is my FF version.


David Hopkins wrote:
I'll try changing the file limit (once I go find that discussion
again). Users haven't changed and browsing behavior hasn't changed.
The big thing seems to be that one server is running K12LTSP 4.2 and
the another is running CentOS 5.  I haven't had time to upgrade the
K12LTSP server, so what is really annoying is that if they log onto
one server, launch FF (same version on both systems), it takes a while
to launch. Then, if still on that server it launches quickly from then
on. BUT if they then change and use a thin client connected to the
other server, the launch again takes a while (30-60 seconds) before it
starts.  Seems to be some sort of issue with having different OS's
between the two servers.  It is 100% repeatable.  I'll try loading
Opera as a test, and over Christmas upgrade the K12LTSP server (unless
I can do so this weekend instead).

There aren't any stale processes or other issues.  Just the 30-60
second lag in launching each time they switch servers.

Dave Hopkins

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