[K12OSN] Firefox and load average

Michael Blinn mblinn at peopleplaces.org
Tue Dec 4 16:36:09 UTC 2007

This may have to do with the hang when first loading FF after an 
update.  FF brings in many language-specific extensions that will cause 
a very long load time, but only the first time it's run by each user.

Since my users only work in English, I just 'rm -rf 
/usr/lib/firefox-*' after every FF yum update. I'm 
on K12V6 so is my FF version.


David Hopkins wrote:
> I'll try changing the file limit (once I go find that discussion
> again). Users haven't changed and browsing behavior hasn't changed.
> The big thing seems to be that one server is running K12LTSP 4.2 and
> the another is running CentOS 5.  I haven't had time to upgrade the
> K12LTSP server, so what is really annoying is that if they log onto
> one server, launch FF (same version on both systems), it takes a while
> to launch. Then, if still on that server it launches quickly from then
> on. BUT if they then change and use a thin client connected to the
> other server, the launch again takes a while (30-60 seconds) before it
> starts.  Seems to be some sort of issue with having different OS's
> between the two servers.  It is 100% repeatable.  I'll try loading
> Opera as a test, and over Christmas upgrade the K12LTSP server (unless
> I can do so this weekend instead).
> There aren't any stale processes or other issues.  Just the 30-60
> second lag in launching each time they switch servers.
> Thanks!
> Dave Hopkins

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