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Re: [K12OSN] TuxMath test on 8 core machine with teamed NICs 16GB RAM

> Funny I just ran this test with my class 2 days ago. Running k12ltsp
> 4.2.3EL on a dual Xeon 2.8GHz , 4GB, 10k rpm raid 1 scsi drives with 1
> Gb NIC for eth0 server. Simultaneously launched 30 instances of
> tuxmath my load average went up to 27, my bandwidth on eth0 hovered
> around 0.5-1 Gb and my ram usage went up to almost 3GB (Don't forget I
> use IceWM)  The OS and the server seemed to handle it without falling
> apart. It was just really SLOW but nothing seemed to break or act
> funny.

Were you using the newer version?  If not, that's bad news....well at least for me. 
What did you use to monitor bandwidth?  My TuxMath also ran fullscreen, is yours
windowed?  If so maybe I'll run windowed and test again.  

As far as running slow, I guess regardless of CPU/RAM/Network usage, if it runs too slow
to use it doesn't do much good anyhow.  We have 7-12 grades here, so I don't really need
TuxMath.  But it would be nice for elementary schools.


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