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RE: [K12OSN] firefox problem


 After they crash can you open them again? Or does it tell you there is already an instance of Firefox running and you must close it before opening another? I have had that same issue occur with K12LTSP6 32bit as well, but I assumed I had messed something up. Plus it isn't common enough for me to worry about, or isn't reported enough. I realize this isn't helpful info, but I wanted to see if I was in the same boat.

Levi Kemp
Technology Specialist
Bolivar R-1 Schools
lnkemp bolivar k12 mo us

"The only secure computer is one that's unplugged, locked in a safe, and buried 20 feet under the ground in a secret location... and I'm not even too sure about that one"  

		--Dennis Hughes, FBI

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Subject: [K12OSN] firefox problem
Hello All,

I am having trouble with our server.  It's a brand new IBM X server, and
it worked fine last quarter with the 64 bit version of k12 6.0.  However,
flash didn't behave as well as I wanted, so I decided (poory, I admit) to
revert to the 32 bit OS.  In doing so, now I have all kinds of memory
problems.  I think memory problems.

Firefox crashes, seemingly at random.  I have reports of OO Presenter
crashing at random as well, though I haven't been able to reproduce it.

When these apps fail, they don't produce any sort of error message, they
just spontenously quit.

Any help?


Brandon Kovach
Logan-Rogersville R-8 Schools
Technology Director

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