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RE: [K12OSN] flash update adds needed feature

Do elaborate. Are you suggesting that I can load a 64bit kernel into my current setup and have access to all the RAM for the operating system? But if I were to run more than 3.2 GB worth of say Firefox it would let me go above that? Or are you saying just for each instance of that application? If so than since none of my applications will ever use all 4GB at once I'll just have more to spread around. Have I managed to confuse anyone else yet?

Levi Kemp
Technology Specialist
Bolivar R-1 Schools
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"The only secure computer is one that's unplugged, locked in a safe, and buried 20 feet under the ground in a secret location... and I'm not even too sure about that one"  

		--Dennis Hughes, FBI

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Subject: Re: [K12OSN] flash update adds needed feature
>> My server has 2 dual core 2GHz Zeon
>> processors, 4gig of ram, 5 32gb 1500rpm SAS drives hardware raid, and
>> I'm running K12LTSP V6 32bit. Obviously I'm only registering  
>> 3.2gig of
>> ram,

You know, you don't need a 64 bit OS, just a 64 bit kernel to address  
that RAM. Unless you want an application to use that much RAM by itself.


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