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Doug Simpson simpsond at leopards.k12.ar.us
Fri Dec 7 19:01:50 UTC 2007

Actually, there is a way to make XP do that with up to 12 clients (no one can login on the main one, though or it acts weird).

"you cannot do anything to XP to fix this," are you saying "you can't" as in legally or software-ily. . .

On a Novell network, the main one cannot be logged into. Subsequent connections get their own desktop, run their own login scripts, drive mappings and everything. If a user logs into the main one first, then subsequent connections share the first user's connections. I assume that winders clients would act similarly. . .

The test computer we were running from was a Winders98 computer and it gave us the XP dexktop, sound, drives and everything. It looked like XP was running right on the terminal, but it wasn't.

Google for it. It involves a registry key edit and rolling back to an earlier DLL and it will allow up to 12 connections.

I am not advocating breaking M$ rules here, but it *is* their own software, and it *did* allow it at one time, and it *does* work on the later versions of XP.

I can't remember the regedit or the dll but google uncovered it . . .
I'll dig it up if you need it. . .


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>>> "Kemp, Levi" <lnkemp at bolivar.k12.mo.us> 12/07/07 9:42 AM >>>

 You answered your own question here
"I realized about that WinXP limitation. But the problem occurs when more
than 4 clients were currently connected."
you cannot do anything to XP to fix this, the only choice is a Windows Server.
I do have another question for you though that might help. What applications are needed from windows that cannot be achieved in Linux? You may be able to eliminate the need for windows terminals altogether if you try hard enough.

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Thanks James,

I realized about that WinXP limitation. But the problem occurs when more
than 4 clients were currently connected. Last time it happened when 9
clients plus 1 on the console. And as I notice, everytime this problem
happened, there was a line appended in the
wmiprov.log(windows\system32\wbem\logs\wmiprov.log) read "WDM call
returned error:
4200". Any suggestion?

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