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Re: [K12OSN] Windows XP problem

Unfortunate, but understandable...just don't break the EULA with the connections, though.  James Kinney was right on.  You *can* get majorly sued if you do that.  If you do need all those connections to a Windows box, then you need to purchase Windows Server and the "terminal server" Client Access Licenses (CAL's).  Matter of fact, you might bring that fact up to help convince the bosses to go w/ a Linux-based solution (e. g. K12LTSP or Edubuntu).

And you're right.  "Linux is hard" is a myth.  And it's FUD perpetuated by Microsoft and their army of scared MCSE's.

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Fajar Adianto wrote:
Hello all,

The only reason I bought and use XP now is that my customers have became too familiar using M$. But in the near future I have planned to swap all the software into opensources. Slowly I have to make them adapt to the alternatives. There's a myth among them that linux is hard to use. For now I still have to face this problem with XP. Not very often it happens, sometime once a week, sometime once a day.


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