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Re: [K12OSN] pcmcia network card

Long story short, you can't. It's a catch-22: To talk to PCMCIA devices, you need the kernel to be already loaded; but to get a kernel, you need to have networking working so you can download one from the kernel. The old wireless floppy had a kernel compiled for a very specific PCMCIA NIC (I forget which one) and it was an old 2.4 kernel I believe. Newer kernels are too big to fit on a floppy.

One option is to boot from a CD, which will have enough space to load the kernel and necessary parts for talking to the NIC. Another option is to put this same code onto the laptop's hard drive. I think there are how-to's on the LTSP wiki for doing these.

As an aside, a year or so ago, I believe Bristol Wireless had proposed paying a developer to work out some code that would talk to some/most PCMCIA subsystems that would have allowed booting laptops with PCMCIA cards. I haven't heard anything about it for a while, so it may not have gotten off the ground. http://www.bristolwireless.net/wiki/index.php/PCMCIABootGPXE


Om Dewa wrote:
Does anyone know how to make k12ltsp (fedora core 6 inside) boot from
floppy with pcmcia network card on an old laptop client?
I have tried with ltsp 3 wireless floppy.img, but it was stopped when
entered running level.

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