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Re: [K12OSN] Impress crashing .. ver 2.3

James P. Kinney III wrote:
On Thu, 2007-12-13 at 11:29 -0600, Brandon Kovach wrote:
First, thanks for the help, Dave.  I agree with your selinux eval, but
though I should try it as more stuff is including it now. Unfortunately, I
am writing again...

More evidence.  Selinux disabled, firewall disabled (server is behind
another firewall anyhow).  Impress still crashes with same symptoms at a
thin client.  It runs fine from the console and through VNC.

Any suggestions?

Run a memtest check on the server. You are looking for memory errors.
Also check the temperatures and fans. I have 30+ servers out running 100
+ clients each and impress is not a crash-prone application.

That said, be sure to double check that the Java you think you are using
is the one you are _really_ using. Th GNU java is not ready for the
world yet and OpenOffice.org uses Sun Java. The OOo released from OOo
uses Sun Java. The OOo from RedHat (and friends) is compiled using the
GNU java. So the place to look is the alternatives command. OOo for Sun
java will not work reliably using GNU java.

You may have something there, James.  Whenever I've done my OO.o upgrades to either 2.2 or 2.3 (using the upstream OO.o packages), I've always used the one that comes bundled with Sun Java.  I've never had a problem with Impress or any other OO.o app.  This typically has been on K12LTSP 4.2EL (the CentOS 4-based version).

Soon this won't be an issue anymore, because soon all of Sun Java will be Free Software and thus included in all distros.  Then the "Java trap", of which Brandon's case may be an example (Azureus is another), will finally, truly be exorcised.


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