[K12OSN] Impress crashing .. ver 2.3

Brandon Kovach bkovach at logrog.net
Thu Dec 13 22:51:10 UTC 2007

I ran memtest86+-1.65

It froze at 50%.  I does count the volume of memory correctly (10 gig
RAM), but hoses before any 'passed' occur;  Conversely, no 'errors' occur
either.  I suppose I there is a possiblity of it not working like I wanted
it to, but I let it run a good 30 min, no changes on the screen and it is
unresponsive to the escape, c, CR an SP keys.

I took some memory out and had it down to 2 gig of RAM... Still same results.


Brandon Kovach
Logan-Rogersville R-8 Schools
Technology Director

> James P. Kinney III wrote:
>> On Thu, 2007-12-13 at 11:29 -0600, Brandon Kovach wrote:
>>> First, thanks for the help, Dave.  I agree with your selinux eval, but
>>> though I should try it as more stuff is including it now.
>>> Unfortunately, I
>>> am writing again...
>>> More evidence.  Selinux disabled, firewall disabled (server is behind
>>> another firewall anyhow).  Impress still crashes with same symptoms at
>>> a
>>> thin client.  It runs fine from the console and through VNC.
>>> Any suggestions?
>> Run a memtest check on the server. You are looking for memory errors.
>> Also check the temperatures and fans. I have 30+ servers out running 100
>> + clients each and impress is not a crash-prone application.
>> That said, be sure to double check that the Java you think you are using
>> is the one you are _really_ using. Th GNU java is not ready for the
>> world yet and OpenOffice.org uses Sun Java. The OOo released from OOo
>> uses Sun Java. The OOo from RedHat (and friends) is compiled using the
>> GNU java. So the place to look is the alternatives command. OOo for Sun
>> java will not work reliably using GNU java.
> You may have something there, James.  Whenever I've done my OO.o
> upgrades to either 2.2 or 2.3 (using the upstream OO.o packages), I've
> always used the one that comes bundled with Sun Java.  I've never had a
> problem with Impress or any other OO.o app.  This typically has been on
> K12LTSP 4.2EL (the CentOS 4-based version).
> Soon this won't be an issue anymore, because soon all of Sun Java will
> be Free Software and thus included in all distros.  Then the "Java
> trap", of which Brandon's case may be an example (Azureus is another),
> will finally, truly be exorcised.
> --TP
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