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Re: [K12OSN] Impress crashing .. ver 2.3

I dont know. There is some problems with Openoffice:
I have K12LTSP Fedora Core 6 based and after upgrading to Openoffice 2.3.0 impress crashes!
Memory is well tested several times.
Server works very well. Only problem is Impress presentation. I can work with impress, add slides and so on, but not preview.
Selinux is also disabled.

I was thinking replace FC6 with EL5 and then upgrade to 5.1 but K12LTSP 5.0.0EL 32bit "linux askmethod" crashes on my other good server, that worked with FC4 wery well. ( same media, with my laptop "linux askmethod" works, but I want it work my server....) And oh my god, Ubuntu 7.10 server - clients doesnt boot - and nothing helps. They starts booting but then hangs somewere. So I am desperate and thinking about leave it all alone and end support for terminals and LTSP.


Brandon Kovach kirjutas:
First, thanks for the help, Dave.  I agree with your selinux eval, but
though I should try it as more stuff is including it now. Unfortunately, I
am writing again...

More evidence.  Selinux disabled, firewall disabled (server is behind
another firewall anyhow).  Impress still crashes with same symptoms at a
thin client.  It runs fine from the console and through VNC.

Any suggestions?


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