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Re: [K12OSN] Impress crashing .. ver 2.3

Brandon Kovach wrote:
I searched and searched yesterday and found several things regarding
Impress crashing.  So I uninstalled (via yum) openoffice 2.0.4 that comes
stock to the box, in k12ltsp 6.0 32 bit.  Then I installed the LNG java
from sun ... 1.6 I think. Then I installed, via rpm, openoffice 2.3.1 from
openoffice.org.  I set the exception=openoffice.org in yum.conf and still
nothing.  I found the SE linux deal, and set that to permissive.  That got
the applications running.  However, Impress still crashes now.  But
different than yesterday, it crashes at random after you start a
presentation.  Yesterday, it crashed right off the bat.  Now, I may get a
slide or two in before it crashes.  I have some reservations about how SE
linux was actually set to permissive by the GUI tool, as it took parts of
a second to do when on install, it takes a minute or two to change.

Any help?


I have had Impress apbruptly terminate because the terminal's X server exhausted all memory. It would load and start to run Impress, but after the first couple of slides while running "slideshow" it would die. This was with a DevonIT 8020P terminal with 128MB RAM. Turning on NBD swap solved the problem.

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