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Re: [K12OSN] OT Computer Hardware/Software Inventory

Mr Barry Cisna wrote:

It seems there is no " all in one" solution for inventorying all your
network hardware. Another piece we use is OPENNMS. It is actually an http
based piece that tells you when your servers/printers/ip phones/access
points go offline. But this will actually " inventory" your LAN hardware
in a different fashion. Of course beyond what your subnet is say
172.28.8.x you can add 172.28.12.x, 172.28.14.x and so on for OPENENMS to
poll hardware outside of the actual OPENNMS server's ip address. One thing
you have to keep in mind, on access points, switches, ip phones you have
to enable snmp on these devices for this to work full scale.

Hope this helps,
Yea, it's what I figured out. But, I figure since it uses MySQL I can add the other stuff manually (or my underlings can) and let the s/w gather the bulk of the info.



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