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Re: [K12OSN] Core Files

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Hi Jim!

Thank you for the response and I apologize for the delay in the reply.

Funny thing is, when I do run that command, it shows the output at 0! So
by all rights, core files should never be created! But they do.
Unfortunately, there really is no pattern I can point to with a particular
application crash that may be creating these core files. 

Another user did suggest adding a remove command in the .bash_rc file.
This is the best suggestion we have yet, so I'll prepare to do this,
though we would really like to find the actual cause and remedy it.

Thank you again!

>Log in and launch an xterm or gnome-terminal session and run:
>     ulimit -c
>I know you have your profile script setup to set the max size of core 
>files to 0, but it's probably worth checking to see if it's really set.
>Jim McQuillan
>jam Ltsp org

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