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Re: [K12OSN] no response from dhcp server (eBox 2300SX)

yes you are right the ebox 2300sx has rdc 6040
i am sending you the sources for r6040 that has the patch
which solve the DHCP error i'm getting.

see if you can compile a module out of it
and send it over. that could help alllllloooot :-)
since i'm unable to setup an LBE over here.

nadav :-)

On 23/12/2007, Barry Cisna <brcisna eazylivin net> wrote:
> Hey Nadav,
> My Bad. I see you have the SX model. I think these do have a different nic
> than the 2300. 2300's have the trusty realtek 8139 which will work with
> about anything. I think yours has the rdc 6040 ethernet controller:(.
> Let me know what your bios shows for nic OK?
> Take Care,
> Barry Cisna
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