[K12OSN] State of K12LTSP?

Luis Montes monteslu at cox.net
Fri Dec 28 16:42:56 UTC 2007

Mark Trimble wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2007 7:39 PM, <monteslu at cox.net <mailto:monteslu at cox.net>> 
> wrote:
>     Eric Harrison, any chance we can get an official comment on the
>     state of things?
>     I'm sure you're a busy guy, and I very much appreciate the years
>     of work you've put into the project.
>     I've been using K12LTSP for a several years, but had to switch to
>     edubuntu this past summer.
>     I'd switch back to fedora in a heartbeat if it had solid LTSP5
>     support.
> I'm using K12LTSP at the moment, but have also been a Skolelinux user 
> for years. What is it about edubuntu/K12LTSP that would make you 
> "switch back to fedora in a heartbeat if it (K12LTSP) had solid LTSP5 
> support"?
> Mark

I've been using Redhat since 5.1 so perhaps I've just gotten comfortable 
with redhat/fedora based distros.
K12LTSP seemed very polished and things just worked. Edubuntu is great 
and it's getting better all the time, but there was definitely a 
learning curve this summer when I switched over. I've ranted on this and 
the edubuntu list in the past on a few issues, but they have been mostly 

I'd like to see LTSP5 on fedora because there is quite a bit of 
functionality that LTSP4 is missing as well an new things on the horizon 
like easy to use local apps.


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