[K12OSN] No IP Address Once

Patrick Fleming k12ltsp at rwcinc.net
Fri Dec 28 18:22:05 UTC 2007

I have one machine that does this kind of thing. I have not run full
diagnostics on it, but the same machine at times will drop its
connection to the network and the terminal will freeze. Nearly all of
the time the data is safe on the server so nothing is lost, it's just a
little annoying. It's the only one out of my small (5 clients) network
that does this. I sometimes have to power cycle it a few times before it
grabs the kernel image and loads up properly.

Fajar Adianto wrote:
> During initiating boot, one of my LTSP clients can not get its IP from DHCP
> server at the first attempt. Next, once it receives IP, it goes normal. Eg.,
> the monitor shows:
> Searching for server (DHCP)....No IP address
> ..
> Me: ...
> Is this normal? or might it potentially be a problem?
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