[K12OSN] No IP Address Once

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Dec 29 14:59:52 UTC 2007


If you have just a plug and play dlink switch it s very doubtful it is a
managed switch,so that possibility is ruled out. Ok Did you try another
cat5 wire into a different port of the switch?
Next what I'd do is on your k12ltsp server drill down to:
There is a universal boot floppy image contained here. You build it very
much the same as you did your rom- o - matic floppy image.
View the readme.txt file here on how to create a "universal boot floppy
The ebnet522.dsk/universal boot floppy image is in the same directory as
the readme. Build it as described in the readme,then,>Boot your HP with
this,>This will automagically identify your 3com nic. I wonder if possibly
you may just need to play with different irq/dma,,,blah,,blah,,stuff for
your HP machine. Older HP's has weird stuff built into their bios's as far
as irq sharing,etc. FYI: At rom-o-matic as I recall there are about 10-12
possibilities with different pararamters( for the 3c905) you can build.
This uni boot image will streamline this for you:-)
Quit possibly you will get better results with this uni boot image with
this particular machine,:-) Let us know your progress.
Keep scratching!

Take Care,

Barry Cisna
westcentral school

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