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Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sat Dec 29 15:23:26 UTC 2007


If I understand you correctly you are wanting to keep their '03sbs server
sitting as it is, and then implement the ltsp/k12ltsp along side of it,to
see if they *CAN* learn to like k12ltsp right? If that is the case you
could simply set it up as you are wanting and just default,say by MAC
address( whichever machine(s), or all machines) to come up to the the
'03sbs server at bootup by placing your comments in the lts.conf file for
this, if that is what their "first" choice is. Then, do an CTL-ALT-F2 and
drop into the *good* k12ltsp desktop.  With this approach the " naysayers"
can't be so skeptical as most unknowing linux people are.
Sidenote: if dhcp is a gotcha change the k12ltsp server to dish dhcp to
"certain clients" by changing the listening port to port 1067 then they
can run dual dhcp on the same subnet. I do this in a couple of our school
buildings. The only thing with this approach you have to remember this. It
could cause you lots of head scratching if one or the other servers shuts
off, say over the weekend or whatever:-). Also if you use the changing to
port 1067 you'd have to reflash whichever PXE boot machines to run pxe on
port 1067 which is not a biggy. As a test enviornment you could make it
very easy with floppys,but surely isn't as clean as pxe boot machines.
Maybe I misunderstood your question too.Another approach as well would be
if all of these machines are existing with HD's in them do the eb_to_hd (
Etherboot to HD),and add your bootup to whichever server you like as well.
Hope this makes sense.

Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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