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Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Dec 30 14:41:28 UTC 2007


Here is something new  that is close to what you are wanting but not
exactly. It is similar to PXES. Only downside ,there are licen$$e
involved& is only good for winders TS.bummer,,, Very reasonable
though.Still would end up being a money pit, I'm sure. It would be a good
fit for schools that are dead set on using MS$$$ 100%. Would save on HD
maint,etc:-).It is called WTware. I think PXES would be a better fit or
thinstation for you,just thought i'd throw this out.I see were PXES has
gone commercial now :-(


BTW: Sorry for messing up your thread earlier( I am pretty good at that)

Take Care,

Barry Cisna
westcentral school

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