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Re: [K12OSN] CensorNet - WAS:Public Proxy server needed or advice

On Thursday 01 February 2007 12:23, Mel Wade wrote:
> Does CensorNet and/or Dansgaurdian do packet level filtering?  I'm looking
> for a solution that will automatically block any circumventors and
> atomozier sites...

That would normally be the role of a firewall, not a web content filter. I 
know nothing about Censornet, Dansgaurdian and others plug into the Squid web 
proxy. If your web filter were installed *in* a firewall both packet 
filtering and web filtering could be configured and handled in one "place", 
but not with the same application. IPCop has several web content filter 
addons (Dansguardian and URLFilter) and one addon called "Blockouttraffic" 
that can set up the IPTables to restrict any and all traffic you want to 
block. IPCop's proxy (Squid) can be used "tansparently" so that it can't be 
bypassed. There are other addons too.

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