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[K12OSN] compound names stopping gnome logins

Hi all,

I have one that I hope you can help me with. While most of our students have sane user names in the lastname_firstname format, some of our student users have compound user names like:

user van_user . It just so happens that this user is having trouble logging in to the Gnome desktop.
These compound names don't seem to cause problems if students log in via the command line. When the student trys to login in via GDM they get the following message:

"Please contact your system administrator to resolve the following problem:
Could not resolve the address "xml.readwrite:/home/Students/user van_user/.gconf" in the configuration file /etc/gconf/2/path": Couldn't resolve address for configuration source: Bad address `xml:readwrite:/home/Students/user van_user/.gconf':  ` ' is an invalid character in a configuration storage address"

Is the problem the compound name? Where did that final ' come from on xml:readwrite:/home/Students/user van_user/.gconf' ?

I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.



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