[K12OSN] need some basic help

Jason Smith centerplacedude at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 03:00:16 UTC 2007

Hi, I have installed K12LTSP 6.  I would like some help performing the

1) I would like to remove the session chooser on the terminals.  In other
words, I want the users to be forced to go into Gnome and not have a choice
for any other display managers.

2) I would like to set up a few of the terminals as kiosks that only go to
our library catalog.

3) I would like to disable the Alt-F1 function on all terminals (which
displays the main menu bar).

I got volunteered to get an LTSP system set up for my local library and I
have been beating my head against the wall on these security issues.  Any
help would be so greatly appreciated.

Jason R. Smith, Volunteer
Duncan Public Library
Duncan, OK
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