[K12OSN] Using existing DHCP server

Jon Harder linuxk12 at mountainlake.k12.mn.us
Mon Jul 23 16:50:31 UTC 2007

Now that I have my clients working well on on the private side of
my ltsp server, there are a few clients living on the existing network
that I would like to add.

I tried following various hints for setting up my existing DHCP server so
that it will point the client in the right direction. So far I have
had no success, so I'm turning to the list for advice.

This is what I added to my existing DHCP config, inside a subnet section
(X.X.X.X and Y.Y.Y.Y filled with the appropriate addresses):

  host iMac1 {
    hardware ethernet 00:30:65:77:25:a6;
    fixed-address X.X.X.X;
    ddns-hostname iMac1;
    filename "yaboot";
    next-server Y.Y.Y.Y;
    option root-path "/opt/ltsp/ppc";
    # OR:
    # option root-path "Y.Y.Y.Y:/opt/ltsp/ppc";

This hands out an address to the client, but it doesn't seem to go
to the "next-server" and access the yaboot file. I can access tftp
from the network, so that is working. The server does not log any
tftp activity from the client.

On the ltsp server, I updated hosts.allow to allow connections from
the 66.172.167.x side of the network:

in.tftpd:  192.168. 66.172.167.
portmap:   192.168. 66.172.167.

What now?

Jon Harder
Mountain Lake Public Schools

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