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[K12OSN] Main authentication server down

On Friday, our school took a series of power hits, and our main server went down hard.  At present, it will not boot because it cannot find the VolGroup01.  The logical volume for the  OS is present (VolGroup00),  and linux rescue lets me see everything on it.  However, during the boot process, when the OS (Fedora Core 4, lvm1) goes to find the other volume group it is missing, and the boot process halts. I don't care about what is on that volume group (I can recover it later if it can be done, or recreate it), but ... is there a way to tell the system to not try and locate that logical volume?

As a side note, I was running Matt's ldap scripts, so I have the slave ldap currently handling logins.  But no one can log onto the windows systems at this point.  I changed smb.conf so that it should be the PDC now, but that didn't fix it. I get the system account not found error which normally means if I remove/rejoin everything is ok, but can't rejoin.  So, now I am just trying to get something back.  I have all the user data, and can get all the conf files from the auth server if needed.

Any ideas?

Dave Hopkins

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