[K12OSN] Support for Etherboot on 486's with ISA NICs

Steven Santos steven at simplycircus.com
Mon Jul 2 17:33:04 UTC 2007


If you have a spare computer, load an older version of K12LTSP on that to
boot the old clients.


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> Hey guys!
> Has support for 486 computers and ISA NICs been dropped from K12LTSP?
> I have been unable to get it to work with many different NICs and
> several computers.
> When you say use "old hardware" I take that to mean "old
> hardware". Some of the stuff they talk about on there as being
> "old hardware" is generations newer than the newest stuff I have.
> Being able to "just upgrade the server" when you need newer
> stuff, should be just that. There are a lot of 486s that work
> great as terminal clients, but if they will no longer work, there
> goes the ability to use "old hardware" which really puts poor
> people like me at a disadvantage.
> I have ran versions from 3.x and up and have been very satisfied.
> Install, and within a few minutes, I can usually get the "old
> hardware" working. A few more minutes and I can get sound working
> (usually).
> Hasn't happened yet with version 6.0.0.
> Could it be simple as making it boot a slightly older kernel than
> 2.6.x?  Will 2.4.x work on a 486 where 2.6.x won't?
> Getting thin on top. . .
> Doug
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