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Re: [K12OSN] Anyone setup their LTSP server web browser to redirect to a user accpetance page?

I haven't done it with NoCatSplash, but I have done it with OpenBSD and Cisco PIXes.  The problem is that all of these methods work via packet-filtering rules (e. g. iptables).  This is fine if you're talking about a single-user box, but when you're dealing with a multi-user machine (e. g. one running LTSP), then once one student authenticates to NoCatSplash/OpenBSD/CiscoPIX/etc., then the firewall rule allows everybody else's traffic from that IP address, too.  That means that only that single student sees the user acceptance page, and everyone else can try to claim ignorance.  You don't want to give kids--or their (sometimes very difficult) parents any ammo to use against you and your principal.

Better, I think, to go with a posted policy and tell the kids about it.  If you're in the USA, then case law in this country says that ignorance of the law is no excuse.  The reason for that is that the law is available to anyone who wants to go into a law library and read it for free.  Same goes for posted policies.  We've suspended, and even expelled, more than one kid for doing things he or she wasn't supposed to do on the computer systems.

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wilson wilsonch gotdns com wrote:
Anyone know of a way to redirect web traffic to a user acceptance page
first before allowing them to surf the web? Im looking at NoCatSplash
(http://nocat.net) for all my users LTSP & Wireless clients. Anyone get
this working or know of a way to do this? Thanks!

Setup is CentOS, LTSP, Dansguardian, and Squid.


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