[K12OSN] Drupal or Joomla

Mark Trimble matrimble at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 18:24:06 UTC 2007

I've used and developed for Postnuke (http://www.postnuke.com) for 
sometime now and have been very impressed with it's API. Very powerful, 
flexible, and a breeze to develop with.


Nils Breunese wrote:

> Travis Smith wrote:
>> Anyone using Joomla or Drupal content management system for a  
>> production
>> site? Would love to see how it turned out for you. I have been playing
>> with Joomla and seems pretty nice, was thinking about buying a 40$
>> template and see what the outcome looks like. Then I started reading
>> about how much more powerful drupal is but also more complicated.  
>> Anyone
>> care to give their opinion on the systems or think I should stick with
>> doing it in Dreamweaver?
> We've used Drupal. I'll admit it's complex, but also very flexible.  
> If Joomla fits your needs, it might be easier, though I haven't used  
> it myself.
> Nils Breunese.
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