[K12OSN] Tutor: LTSP & Open Suse From scratch!

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Wed Jul 4 07:44:02 UTC 2007

Hola Alberto,

Tienes corazón noble, y es obvio tu deseo ayudar a la gente.  Que triste
que Novell/SuSE se ha convertido a traidor a todos de nosotros.  En el
pasado, me gustó usar y promover SuSE, aún en esta lista, pero ahora, no
puedo tocar esa distribución, incluyendo OpenSuSE, hasta la cesación del
pacto de patentes con Microsoft.  Su traición es despreciable.  Lo mismo
para Linspire.

Para hispanohablantes que quisieran usar GNU/Linux y LTSP, recomiendo
K12LTSP o Ubuntu/Kubuntu, lo cuales ya tienen muy buen soporto para el
idioma español hace mucho tiempo.  Demostré para unos peruanos Kubuntu
6.06 "Dapper Drake" en español hace unos meses, y algunos de ellos
tuvieron mucho interés.

You have a noble heart, and your desire to help people is obvious.  How
sad that Novell/SuSE has gone traitor on us all.  In the past, I liked
and promoted SuSE, even on this list, but now, I cannot touch that
distribution, including OpenSuSE, until the cessation of the patent deal
with Microsoft.  Their treason is despicable.  Same for Linspire.

For Spanish speakers who would like to use GNU/Linux and LTSP, I
recommend K12LTSP or Ubuntu/Kubuntu, both of which already have had very
good support for the Spanish language for some time.  I demo'd Kubuntu
6.06 "Dapper Drake" in Spanish for some Peruvians a few months ago, and
some of them took remarkable interest.

Do you GNU!?
Microsoft Free since 2003 <http://www.gnu.org/>--the ultimate antivirus

Alberto Castillo wrote:
> Hi list!
> If you are a spanish people and you need install a LTSP in open Suse
> 10 from scatch (desde cero) here and now I bring you a mini tutorial
> about this!
> This tutor is write in Spanish for spanish people!
> Greetings from Argentina!!!
> Here is:
> ******************************************************
> Lun 14 May 2007
> Open SuSe 10 y LTSP desde cero:
> Banco de pruebas:
> Hp Compaq d330 DT - 256MB - 40GB disco
> Pentium 1 133 MMX - 16MB
> Implementacion: LTSP 4.1.1
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