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Re: [K12OSN] new principal ... wants new feature

  I've had it working once, but newer, non-beta versions don't seem to work at all. That is the killer app that ties this all together, in my opinion. Unfortunately it doesn't work well with Win98, at least with any that I have tried. I've considered going the $200 one-time-support option from NX just to get this working correctly, though I'm sure they'll tell me it's in my java configuration.

Krsnendu dasa wrote:
Has anyone go the web interface for nx working? Would be a fantastic feature.

On 04/07/07, Kari Matthews <karisue gmail com > wrote:
That they have 2003Server at the old school is my suspicion.   I'll go check out the SSLexplorer and see what I can do.

I thought I had my hands full re-figuring out how to make smbldap work on my fat client edubuntu workstations and ubuntu server.  This adds fuel to the fire -- I only have 6 weeks til school starts.  Yikes!  If I had no other clients, it wouldn't be so bad.

Thanks for the advice.


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