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Re: [K12OSN] Workstation Profile

The very short answer is yes, but...

The LTSP in K12LTSP means that the machines the students are using are
being run from the server, and not locally.  All the profiles are
stored on the server, as well as the home directories.

What you describe here is one of many ways that any Linux distribution
can be configured to work on a stand-alone workstation machine, where
users authenticate off of a remote server, home directories can be on
a remote server, but the computer itself actually runs the
applications.  This requires machines capable of handling the local
apps.  LTSP is more geared towards having one good machine for the
LTSP server, and many crappy machines to act as terminals.

There is a default setting that gets applied to all new users.
Furthermore, if a student does something to "break" their desktop or
menu, it only requires a single folder be deleted from their profile,
and they will get the default settings back.

I hope this answers your question.


On 7/5/07, Mark Trimble <matrimble gmail com> wrote:

I was wondering if K12LTSP offers a "Workstation" profile; meaning users
log in to the server and have a central location for storage and desktop
settings, but run all applications locally?


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