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Re: [K12OSN] 5.0EL & Abiword

Ronnie Miller wrote:

Second, I've gone totally brain dead and am showing my lack of knowledge by asking the following:

In Version 5&6, Abiword is an option in the "Add/Remove Software" menu option. It doesn't show up anywhere in the 5.0EL though. I made the mistake of showing it to a couple of teachers and they're definitely interested in it (OK, I am too...). I can't figure out how to get installed. I went to the Abiword website and downloaded the latest version, but it kept giving me an "incorrect Unicode error". Anybody got some suggestions for a newbie.

AbiWord was removed with RHEL3 (so it's also not in CentOS 3 and newer) if I remember correctly, because they wanted to cut down on the number of text editors. I haven't found a third party repository yet that has abiword for current RHEL/CentOS versions (and I don't like installing software that's not managed by yum).

Nils Breunese.

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