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Re: [K12OSN] changing size of teachertool broadcast window.

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007 09:40:47 -0700, Robert Arkiletian wrote
> On 7/5/07, Krsnendu dasa <krsnendu108 gmail com> wrote:
> > I was doing a demo for a group of teacher the other day and I found the
> > 640x800 window too small. Is there a way to make it a bigger size, full
> > screen or even resizable?
> > (In NX if you log in in windowed mode and click the maximize window button,
> > the whole desktop resizes to fit the window.)
> Thanks for reminding me Krsnendu. This is something I also wanted.  I
> should be able to put this in the next version out this summer.

Could we also get TeacherTool working in Edubuntu Feisty with LTSP5?

Just kidding Robert :-)  I just wish it worked there, the Student Control Panel is junk
compared to TeacherTool.  About all I can do with it is see who is running what processes.

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