[K12OSN] Need Help

Don Gould don at myfam.com
Sat Jul 7 15:16:26 UTC 2007

The school is located in Hollandale, MN located 7 miles east of I-35
and 18 miles north of the Iowa border.

I plan to dual boot all of my thin clients so to start there will be
at least 24 possibly all 30.  If this works well I might add as many
5 more for a total of 35.  I'm hoping to boot Linux off of 3.5 disks
on each machine.  All of the machines are different as they are all
used computers.  The most advance process I will be running is the
K12 version of Power Point.



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>Printing from the windows machines through the Linux server will be
>problem, as long as you're using a Linux-supported printer.  Most
>but there are some exceptions.  Could you post the make and model
>Sizing the server will depend on how many thin clients you plan on
>running, and I'm not sure of that number based on your description.
>(Thin clients are the machines that will be booting over the network
>not using their local hard drive).
>Where are you located?  There might be someone on this list who lives
>nearby and would be willing to help out.
>On Sat, Jul 07, 2007 at 06:48:00AM -0600, Don Gould wrote:
>> To anyone listening,
>> I am the Technology guy at a small christian school and I have been
>> to to seminars.  I am ready to make the leap to K12osn.
>> What I have :
>> 30 computers in the lab
>> 24 stand alone
>> 6 networked internet machines
>> all are windows 98, 2000 or ME
>> 9 printers 4 of which work
>> I need to get a server or build one.  But I need to know what I
>> in the server.  I nned to keep the win os for stand alone use.  But
>> will netwok all the machines for K12.  Will I be able to print my
>> windows documents thru the server and do I also need win server
>> software as well as K12? I will use the sever for the internet.  I
>> plan to get one or two netwok printer to serve all my printing
>> if that will work.  Feel free to answer all the question I dont
>> know I need to ask to get this started.  Thanks in advance for your
>> help.
>> In desperate straights
>> Don Gould
>> Hollandale Christian School
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