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Re: [K12OSN] Need Help

On 07/07/07, Don Gould <don myfam com> wrote:
The school is located in Hollandale, MN located 7 miles east of I-35
and 18 miles north of the Iowa border.

I plan to dual boot all of my thin clients so to start there will be
at least 24 possibly all 30.  If this works well I might add as many
5 more for a total of 35.  I'm hoping to boot Linux off of 3.5 disks
on each machine.  All of the machines are different as they are all
used computers.  The most advance process I will be running is the
K12 version of Power Point.

Hi Don. Could do with in line or bottom posting.

I would advise against floppy boot. Not that it can not work only
floppy tend to wear out or the drives need care. Why not just add a
ROM module on the network cards and you are booting off the net. When
you old machines, how old? Lot of machines from about 1998/99 started
having PXE boot option in BIOS and in such case you do not even need
the ROM module. (See site www.rom-o-matic.org  and www.ltsp.org ) for
details on ROM modules.

I would say a server with 4GB memory and atleast one SCSI drive and
two network cards is your answer.

Sudev Barar

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