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"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Sun Jul 8 16:11:43 UTC 2007

pogson wrote:
> This is a realistic scenario. We are faced with a problem on an
> unknown battlefield. How to survive?
> 1) Re-think the need to keep some/any of that other OS ('98, 2000,
> ME). If the need to keep is due to fear and uncertainty, it might be
> better to keep one or two working as usual and incorporate them later
> if, as I did, you find Linux meets all needs. Are these machines
> properly licensed? Do you have installation CDs for them? If you have
> any doubts about these last two questions, you should not hesitate to
> wipe the hard drives. You do not need the aggravation of tens of
> thousands of bugs, licence issues, lack of suport, and so on.
The licensing issue is an especially big deal.  More schools have been
extorted/blackmailed over this single issue than any other.  You don't
want to be on the receiving end of an audit compliance threat, let alone
the actual audit.

> 5)Please use gigabit/s cat 6 networking for all servers. One gigabit/s
> line can easily handle your lab. 100 mb/s can too, but you, and your
> users will know when things get busy. Gigabit to 100 mbit switches are
> pretty cheap these days.
Actually, the copper Gig-E spec (802.3ab) calls for Cat 5.  No, not Cat
5e--many people make that mistake--I mean the original Cat 5.  Of
course, anything beyond that, like Cat 5e or 6, will be just fine.  My
advice:  check out what Cat 6 costs.  If it's close to 5e's price tag,
then sure, go with 6.  If it's way more, then go w/ 5e.

> 6)Please use RAID 1 on your server. This is slower for writes
> (installation and saving files) but allows simultaneous seeks for
> simultaneous users/pocesses. Hard drives are about 25 cents a gB for
> 500 gB.
RAID 1 certainly works, but if he can afford it, RAID 5 will be even
quicker due to more spindles.

> Good luck. I would be glad to help, but I am 500 miles away.
And I'm even farther--about 1,500 miles--otherwise I'd be glad to jump
in, too.

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