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Re: [K12OSN] Need Help

pogson wrote:
This is a realistic scenario. We are faced with a problem on an unknown battlefield. How to survive?

1) Re-think the need to keep some/any of that other OS ('98, 2000, ME). If the need to keep is due to fear and uncertainty, it might be better to keep one or two working as usual and incorporate them later if, as I did, you find Linux meets all needs. Are these machines properly licensed? Do you have installation CDs for them? If you have any doubts about these last two questions, you should not hesitate to wipe the hard drives. You do not need the aggravation of tens of thousands of bugs, licence issues, lack of suport, and so on.

The licensing issue is an especially big deal.  More schools have been extorted/blackmailed over this single issue than any other.  You don't want to be on the receiving end of an audit compliance threat, let alone the actual audit.

5)Please use gigabit/s cat 6 networking for all servers. One gigabit/s line can easily handle your lab. 100 mb/s can too, but you, and your users will know when things get busy. Gigabit to 100 mbit switches are pretty cheap these days.

Actually, the copper Gig-E spec (802.3ab) calls for Cat 5.  No, not Cat 5e--many people make that mistake--I mean the original Cat 5.  Of course, anything beyond that, like Cat 5e or 6, will be just fine.  My advice:  check out what Cat 6 costs.  If it's close to 5e's price tag, then sure, go with 6.  If it's way more, then go w/ 5e.

6)Please use RAID 1 on your server. This is slower for writes (installation and saving files) but allows simultaneous seeks for simultaneous users/pocesses. Hard drives are about 25 cents a gB for 500 gB.

RAID 1 certainly works, but if he can afford it, RAID 5 will be even quicker due to more spindles.

Good luck. I would be glad to help, but I am 500 miles away.

And I'm even farther--about 1,500 miles--otherwise I'd be glad to jump in, too.


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