[K12OSN] RE: K12OSN AD Integration:

Amy Contreras acontreras at walkerville.k12.mi.us
Mon Jul 9 16:42:26 UTC 2007

Thanks Ray!  I was able to get in by using ssh as root and was able to
make the adjustments I needed to.  I apologize for not thinking of that
myself.  I'm still rather new to K12LTSP.


> I've installed K12LTSP 5 and I am currently trying to integrate Active

> Directory.  For the most part I've been following the K12LTSP Wiki on 
> ADIntigration 
> http://www.k12ltsp.org/mediawiki/index.php/Technical:ADIntegration.  I

> was able to join the domain successfully and then made the necessary 
> changes to allow domain account users to login.  Afterward I was not 
> able to successfully login with the user accounts that I tried.  I did

> set the default domain and restarted winbind.  I tried to test several

> accounts by using the # su - "user" command and it appeared to 
> acknowledge the user accounts but didn't like the passwords.  Now this

> is where I get myself in real trouble.  I seen that someone else got 
> it working properly by changing the default login manager from GDM to 
> KDM by editing /etc/sysconfig/desktop and adding DISPLAYMANAGER="KDE".

> Big mistake.  Now I'm basically stuck because I'm not able to login as

> root and when I login with my local account I'm not able to make any 
> changes because I somehow lack the proper permissions.  I tried using 
> sudo to access the desktop file among others but that didn't work 
> either.  I've done a google search and searched the archives but 
> haven't found anything yet.  Please help!
> Amy Contreras

Hi Amy,

Have your tried ssh'ing into the server from another PC? Maybe as root
so that you can make the changes.


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