[K12OSN] Windows Terminal Services

"Terrell Prudé Jr." microman at cmosnetworks.com
Mon Jul 9 16:58:44 UTC 2007

Roger Morris wrote:
> John Lucas wrote:
>> On Monday 09 July 2007 09:28, Timothy Legge wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> What is the deal with terminal Services again?  I believe I need the
>>> following:
>>> 1) Windows Server
>>> 2) Device/Client Cals for Windows
>>> 3) Device/Client Cals for Terminal Services.
>>> I will be connecting via rdesktop, I assume that is okay as long as
>>> the above is properly licensed.
>>> Anything else required?
>> Only to configure Terminals Services for "Application mode", otherwise the 
>> default is "Administrative mode" which only allows 2 simultaneous users.
> to elaborate a little.  in 'admin' mode, no CAL is required, right?

Correct.  You get two CAL's with admin mode automatically...but only
two.  Furthermore, if you've got a userID logged in at the console, then
that counts as a session.  Thus, Windows XP will give you only one
terminal server session.  Dunno how that applies to Windows Server;
might be similar.

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