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Re: [K12OSN] last mile solutions out there?

Sure.  Just set up a VPN gateway on that fiber link, and have your students VPN in with their home broadband links.  That gives them access to the school's network as if they were actually, physically at the school.  We do this in our district, and it's great.  I use vpnc on GNU/Linux to connect in via my cable modem on a near-daily basis.  Works great for securing wireless, too, BTW, if you're thinking about that.

You can even connect entire sites to your district that way if you want.  We use that for connecting some of our satellite offices that are located in "strip mall" shopping centers.

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Tom Poe wrote:
My community has a fiber optic termination at our local high school.  Our students need access from their homes for homework, mentoring, virtual field trips, etc.  Is anyone using a last mile solution in their schools?
Tom Poe, Charles City, Iowa

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